Terry Pratchett: Wyrd Sisters

  • Cast

    Granny Weatherwax (a witch) - Dorothy Maynard

    Nanny Ogg (a witch) - Chris White

    Magrat Garlick (a witch) - Gemma Maynard

    Verence (late King of Lancre) - Robert Mitchell

    Leonel Felmet (Duke of Lancre) - Richard Mair

    Lady Felmet - Barbara Stovold

    Vitoller (an actor-manager) - Stephen Gray

    Fool - Martin Stuart

    Tomjon (son of Verence) - Tom McCafferty

    Hwel (a playwright) - Carrie Hazeel

    Sergeant - Colin White

    Demon - Lynne Fallowell

    Chamberlain - Kathy Lunn

    Death - Stephen Gray

    Robbers, players, guests, guards and peasants - Mark Heppell, Sue Heppell, James Lawson & members of the cast.

  • Production Team

    Director - Liz Bailey

    Stage Manager - Stuart Daniels

    Crew - Bill Willoughby and Alison Stuart

    Costumes - Chequer Mead Costume Store and Stoneland Players

    Props - Chris White and Alison Stuart

    Technical Support - Jim Simon, Thom Jenkins, Jon Rowsell

    Photography & Publicity - Gemma Maynard, James Lawson and Peter Heppell

    Front of House - Bill Willoughby and Alison Stuart

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